Custom Built Staircases, Stair Parts, and More for Homeowners in Durham, North Carolina & Beyond

At Vision Stairways & Millwork, staircases that we have personally designed and built can be found inside homes throughout Durham, North Carolina. Whether you are building a new home in Durham and require the services of a company that specializes in staircases, or simply feel that your current stairs are badly in need of an update, we can step in and provide a solution. Vision Stairways & Millwork was founded by some of the most experienced professionals in the residential staircase business, and has a reputation for producing staircases of truly exceptional quality. At our company, nothing we do is ever second-rate. We adhere to all best practices of the staircase building trade and always stay up to date on new design trades, residential building codes, and advancements in stairway building materials.

Make no mistake about it – staircases from Vision Stairways & Millwork are beautiful, one-of-a-kind works of craftsmanship that truly do stand the test of time. Not only can we build or remodel stairs with a variety of wood species such as red oak, white oak, maple, mahogany, and antique heart pine, but we also have the ability to manufacture, or mill, individual stair components such as:

  • Balusters
  • Newels
  • Banisters/handrails
  • Treads
  • Risers
  • Landings
  • And more

To learn more, contact Vision Stairways & Millwork. We offer custom-built staircases, stair parts, to homeowners throughout Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill and beyond.

For a free estimate and design consultation, Contact us via email using our contact form or give us a call during business hours.