Are you planning a staircase makeover but are in the dark as to what the parts are actually called?  Don’t feel bad, unless you are in the staircase industry not many people can tell you the difference between a baluster and a banister.  Vision Stairways and Millwork has put together this handy guide so if you need a stair parts, you can ask for it by name.  For a free estimate and design consultation, Contact us via email using our contact form or give us a call during business hours.



Modern curved rail with Metal iron rail 1A baluster- also referred to as a spindle or a stair stack – is one of many closely placed supports for the stair railing system.  They come in wrought iron or wood.  The right set of balusters can change the entire look of a staircase.





The handrail sits atop the balusters and creates a handhold used to provide stability to the stair owner as he or she goes up and down the stairs.  A lot of different styles of handrails are available, and they come in both wrought iron and wood.  Handrails should compliment the balusters while being functional at the same time.



A newel is the upright post that supports the handrail system, including the balusters, of a staircase.  Newels are often decorative and, being the pillars of your stair system, must be sturdy.  Newels come in all shapes and sizes and should be paired well with the balusters.



A tread is the top surface of a step or stair.  It is what you step on, the workhorse of the staircase.  They can be made of wood or metal, although wood is more common.  Treads take the most use out of all stair parts.  Like the newels, they should be paired well with the rest of the stair system.