Stair Terminology Part One : Balconies, Balusters, Balustrades, and Box newels

Looking to redo your stairs but not up to date on the terminology used in the stair industry?  Don't worry, Vision Stairways and Millwork is here to help!


A raised platform that is connected to the side of a building and surrounded by a low wall or railing.  We Fabricate and install wrought iron balcony railings, as well as any species of wood and glass.  Throughout these definitions the pictures you see on the right are all work done by Vision Stairways and Millwork, to give you an idea of exactly what we are referring to as well as show off our work a little bit.  This is a wrought iron balcony railing we finished two years ago.




Balusters can also be called spindles or stair sticks.  They are molded shafts made of wood or metal used to support the handrail on a staircase.  They can also be called pickets or uprights.  Vision Stairways and Millwork specializes in custom baluster work and we use the latest cutting edge technology to create them fast and perfect every time.

As you can see on the right, the style of the balusters can have a stunning visual effect on the overall finished look of your staircase.  Choosing the right balusters can make all the difference when it comes to having an ordinary tired staircase and a modern sharp look that friends and family love.

We did this wrought iron job only a few months ago and our customers couldn't be more happy with the final look achieved with unique balusters.



A balustrade is simply a section of the handrail system, including the railings, balusters, newels, and sometimes glass panels.  It is the finished product of the match of parts you choose to create your staircase.

The example on the right is a unique wooden balustrade we designed and installed for a customer more than 16 months ago.  It is a closed design while giving an open and clean feel at the same time


Box Newel

The newels are the posts that are positioned on either side of the balustrades, holding them together.  Newels can be made of different species of wood or different types of metal.  A box newel is different from others in the fact that they large, square, and hollow.  They have a 'box' look to them.

As you can see by the picture (Another job we finished not too long ago) they feature prominently and project strength onto your staircase design.  



Curved Staircase

A curved staircase differs from others in the fact that it is curved or has a circular geometry but does not have a center pole. 

 Curved stairs can give you the elegant visuals you are looking for without sacrificing functionality.  A curved staircase includes all the parts and finishing work and is a 

complete staircase.

Vision stairways and Millwork produces custom built curved staircases for the entire southeastern United States.  To the right is a job we did a year ago.  The customer loved it so much we are doing her basement stairs as I write this!

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