Stair System Parts, Newels, Treads, Risers & More from Vision Stairways & Millwork in Atlanta, GA

Stair System Parts, Newels, Treads, Risers & More from Vision Stairways & Millwork in Atlanta, GA

Flare star with Traditional stair Parts

A balustrade or stair system is not just a stair part, per se. Rather, it is an assemblage of stair parts that form a stairway railing. Balustrades are commonly found on staircases, elevated porches – anywhere there might be a need for balance support and greater safety. Another example of how a balustrade can be used is the iconic Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida. One the longest continuous sidewalks in the world at four-and-a-half miles, Bayshore Boulevard hugs the waters of Tampa Bay and is famous for its equally long balustrade, which is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation.

At Vision Stairways & Millwork, we have an immense selection of balustrade parts to choose from. We have newels, which are the anchor points of a balustrade; handrails, the linear parts used for grasping; and of course balusters, square or lathe-turned “sticks” that attach to the underside of the handrail and give it support.

Other stair parts that are available from Vision Stairways & Millwork in Atlanta, Georgia, include:

  • Treads
  • Risers
  • Volutes
  • Landings
  • Shoes
  • Rosettes
  • Goose necks
  • Quarter turns
  • Fittings
  • Accessories
  • And more

Vision Stairways & Millwork is a one-stop shop for all things stairs. In addition to our vast selection of wood and metal stair parts, we also specialize in designing, building, and installing residential staircases. By combining “old world” stair building techniques with 21st century computer assisted design (CAD) technology, we are able to build stairs that are exceptionally beautiful and long-lasting.

To learn more about our wide selection of stair parts, including our baluster parts, or to inquire about our availability to build a set of custom stairs for your home in Atlanta, contact us today.

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