Stair Parts: The Essential Building Blocks of Your Staircase Installation or Renovation Project in Atlanta, GA

Stair Parts Atlanta GAStair parts will play an integral role in your staircase installation or staircase renovation project in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, stair part manufacturers produce both stock and custom parts in a dizzying array of styles. It is therefore a good idea to take the time to familiarize yourself with the many different types of stair parts that go into assembling a set of stairs. The following is a glossary of stair part terminology – an overview of staircase anatomy, if you will.

  • Treads – the horizontal components of a staircase upon which people walk
  • Risers – the vertical components of a staircase upon which the treads are placed
  • Balusters – vertical stair parts used between the handrail and treads or floor to provide stability to the balustrade
  • Handrail – the railing that is used for hand support
  • Balustrade – the name for the fully assembled rail system
  • Newel – a vertical post used to start a balustrade system
  • Fittings – the parts that are used to create a smooth transition when the handrail changes height or direction
  • Nosings – the portion of a tread or landing that protrudes over the face of the riser
  • Goosenecks – specialized fittings used to facilitate directional changes
  • Rosettes – decorative handrail anchors
  • Volutes – ornamental fittings used at the bottom of staircases

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