Stair Parts are the Fundamental Building Blocks of Any Set of Stairs in Atlanta, GA

Stair Parts Atlanta GAWhether you are building or remodeling a set of stairs in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, the stair parts you choose will have a significant impact on the quality of the finished product. Though largely practical, staircases can play an extremely important aesthetic role as well. Just look at the stairs in various historical buildings around the world. For centuries, stair design has been a critical element in the realm of architecture, elevating an otherwise practical feature into a visually stunning focal point. Selecting the right stair parts for your project in Atlanta, GA, is crucial to bringing a preliminary design to fruition.

The following is a list of just some of the stair parts you might need to acquire:

  • Treads – the part that is stepped on when walking up or down a set of stairs
  • Risers – the vertical part between the treads
  • Railings – the top part of the stair that provides hand support
  • Balusters – the vertical members that are used to connect the railing with the tread or floor
  • Newels – the vertical posts that are used to start the railing system or to provide directional transition
  • Rosettes – decorative wall plates that are used to anchor a railing to a wall
  • Stringers – side members of a stair system that provide support to the treads and risers

Contact Vision Stairways and Millwork for information about the many different types of stair parts that we carry. We are headquartered just outside of Atlanta, GA, and have a wide range of both stock and custom parts available.

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