Stair Terminology Brought to You by Atlanta, GA, Area Company Vision Stairways and Millwork

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Stair building has a highly specialized vocabulary. Vision Stairways and Millwork – located just outside of Atlanta, GA – would like to take this opportunity to provide an overview of some of the most common stair terms in the hope that it can assist you in working on a set of stairs or buying new components.

The following is a glossary of terms that we believe is a good idea to be familiar with:

  • Tread – the horizontal component of a stair step that you put your feet on
  • Riser – the vertical component of a step that forms a space between one tread and the next
  • Handrail – the railing that is used for hand support while going up or down a set of stairs
  • Baluster – a vertical member positioned between the handrail and the tread or floor that provides support and stability to the balustrade
  • Balustrade – the term used to describe the fully assembled rail system
  • Newel – a vertical post used to either begin the balustrade or provide a point for directional or vertical transition
  • Landing – a platform that permits directional changes in stair travel
  • Stringer – an inclined board that is routed to receive the ends of the stair treads

For additional information about these stair terms, or to inquire about the many different types of parts we carry, contact Vision Stairways and Millwork today. At our facility near Atlanta, GA, we both custom-manufactured stairway parts and carry parts from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Regency, Universal, and House of Forgings.

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