Rod Iron Stair Railings? Rot Iron? Or is it Wrought Iron? | Stair Builders Atlanta

Many consumers outside the metalworking industry often get confused on this term.  Is it rod iron you want, rot iron, or wrought iron?  What is the difference?  And more importantly, what is the difference when it comes to stairs?

First of all, when it comes to stairs, it is always "wrought".  Rod Iron is actually metal cut from an iron bar used to make nails.  Wrought iron is the phrase you are looking for when you think of stair railings.  The difference is the word 'wrought'.  It means "beaten out or shaped by a hammer".  Of course, these days ironwork is mostly done in machines, but the term still applies.  It is how your iron stair parts get their shape.  Rot iron is not actually a thing, but due to being so close in sound to the other two, it is used often enough itself.

If you made the mistake of mixing up the terms, don't feel bad at all.   A little research shows the number of Google searches each month for "rot" iron and "wrought" iron is pretty much the same, whereas the term "Rod" iron is actually searched for more.

But we here at Vision Stairways do not judge based on grammar like some other stair companies do.  We want your business, and we have the iron work you need, no matter what the name used.  We do wrought iron railings, balusters, and even complete wrought iron spiral staircases.  The best part is we won't even make you spell it.

We offer free estimates and design consultations to all new and returning customers.

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