Iron Stair Parts |Wrought Iron Balusters, Handrails, Newels, and Other Parts for Stair & Banisters in Atlanta, Georgia

Iron Stair Parts | Wrought Iron Balusters, Handrails, Newels, and Other Parts for Banisters in Atlanta, Georgia 

At Vision Stairways & Millwork, we sell various iron stair parts for banisters and will be happy to supply you whatever parts you need for a stairway repair or stairway remodeling project. According to the Stairway Manufacturers’ Association, a banister is used to provide a handrail and thus minimize the risk of falling down or off a set of stairs. Banisters are frequently referred to as balustrades, but whatever you call them, they are integral to the craft of stair building. At Vision Stairways & Millwork, you will find many different iron stair parts for banisters, such as iron balusters, iron newels, and even iron handrails, just to name a few. We offer stock iron stair parts from trusted brands as well as parts that we manufacture within the four walls of our company’s own facility in nearby Woodstock, GA.

In addition to iron stair parts for banisters such as iron newels, iron balusters, and iron handrails, Vision Stairways & Millwork is also a company that you can turn to for top-quality wooden stair parts  like:

  • Treads of several wood species
  • Risers
  • Nosings
  • Fittings in a variety of handrail profiles
  • Wrought Iron Balusters with a variety of designs
  • Stainless Steel Railings
  • Glass Panel Railing
  • Wooden Balusters/Pickets / Spindles
  • Volutes
  • Rosettes
  • Stringers
  • And more

We also offer “semi-custom” entry doors that are made of rich, beautiful mahogany and are available in many different size and shape configurations. When you buy a new mahogany front door from Vision Stairways & Millwork, you can choose to outfit it with decorative glass, raised or V-groove panels, strap hinges, clavos (decorative nails), and even a speakeasy window.

To request a quote on parts for banisters, any of the above-listed stair parts, or perhaps an entry door, contact Vision Stairways & Millwork today. We are a one-stop shop for stair parts, artisan-quality wood entry doors, and more. Fill out the form or give us a call at 678-701-5520 below to get started!

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