Straight Stairs

Straight stairs are a popular choice due to their practicality, and they hold immense creative potential. With thoughtful design and material choices, they can be transformed into visually striking architectural features, inspiring architects and interior designers to push the boundaries of their creativity.

The choice of materials can dramatically affect the look and feel of straight staircases. High-quality woods with beautiful grains, polished concrete, elegant stone like marble or granite, or even sleek metals like stainless steel or wrought iron can elevate the staircase’s design. Mixing materials, such as wood treads with metal balusters, can also add visual interest and contrast to straight stairs.

Build the Straight Staircase of your Dreams.

Straight staircases are a popular choice for those who want to enhance a space’s architectural beauty while also providing a functional and vertical staircase. Straight stairs are the most common type of staircases found in both residential and commercial buildings.

Open Rise Straight Stairs Vision Stairways

Unique or custom-designed handrails and balustrades can turn a straight staircase into a work of art. Options include glass panels for a modern, airy feel, intricate metalwork for sophistication, or sculptural wooden rails that stand out.

Experimenting with the design of the steps with floating treads, where each step is mounted to the wall without visible supports, or open rise straight stairs create a light and airy look.

Integrating lighting into a straight staircase can create a striking effect. LED strip lights under the treads, spotlights positioned at the base or top of the straight stairs, or lighting overhead can highlight the staircase as a focal point.

Due to their simplicity, straight stairs can be more cost-effective to design, manufacture, and install than more complex stair designs. Contact us today and let us custom-build the modern staircase of your dreams.