Open Rise Stairs

Open-rise stairs, also known as open-riser stairs, feature a staircase design where the vertical space between each tread (the horizontal part of the stair where you step) is open rather than closed off. This design feature can add a modern, airy feel to interiors and is popular in contemporary architecture. Open riser stairs offer a visually striking and light appearance, making spaces seem more extensive and more open. The absence of risers allows more light to flow, naturally illuminating the surrounding area.

Build the Open Rise Staircase of your Dreams.

Open Riser staircases are a popular choice for those who want to enhance a space’s architectural beauty while also providing a functional and vertical staircase.

Lackey- Derbyshire open stairway

Open riser stairs can be constructed from a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, and concrete. The choice of materials can dramatically affect both the appearance and the structural requirements of the stairs.

It’s worth noting that structurally, open riser stairs can be more challenging to design and construct than traditional closed riser stairs. This complexity underscores the craftsmanship and engineering experise required for their construction.

Open-rise stairs are a popular choice for modern, design-focused projects that prioritize light, space, and a minimalist aesthetic. Contact us, and let us build the Open Riser Staircase of your dreams.